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Exploration and Sustainable Living 

Caravan XL Overland Camping Trailer
Adventure Pro Mini Off Road Camping Trailer

Born from the desire to explore the great outdoor kingdom, from off road driving to off grid living, our priority is to make all adventures possible. Therefore we focus on using only the best products on our builds thru partnerships with world leaders in innovation, from Cruisemaster suspensions to Redarc electronics for ultimate performance off road and off grid. Our 12v Dometic air conditioner and electric/lp combi furnace along with dual pane acrylic windows create the ideal indoor climate no matter the outdoor conditions.

Proudly assembled in Indiana from the frame, the body to the finished product, our team works diligently on craftsmanship, while our process demands quality and sustainability. Starting with an ultimate smooth ride suspension we then fabricate and powdercoat the frame, the FRP shell, insulate and Eternabond both the body and seams to ensure ultimate R-value, strength and longevity. Our interior is complete with Azdel  composite panels and waterproof Timberline  cabinetry, along with modern conveniences like LED lighting, lithium batteries, solar, wireless phone chargers, bluetooth speakers, and smart TVs for the ultimate fit and finish final product that was created for your lifetime.

We build each unit to order with a short lead time. There are multiple customization options for any order such as exterior/interior colors and cabinet/leather colors. 

You can order directly from this website and feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or advice!

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